But… who I really am?

Hey! I’m Xavi Miranda Sánchez and I was born on a cold January 8th back on 1986.

Xavier Miranda Sánchez
Amstrad CPC

Amstrad CPC

I grew with computers at home and it’s been amazing to live the evolution of technology since I first pressed a key on my Amstrad and played for my first video games with cassettes.

That monochrome greeny “matrix-like” screen may look pretty old-fashioned nowadays but it’s great to remember where we come from and how incredible has been the journey.

I remember filling half of my 386 harddrive with my Monkey Island ™ installation, my first sound blaster for Alone in the Dark and the 3D voodoo accelerator to be able to play Final Fantasy VII alongside upgrading our 486 memory to 32mb. I also remember my first contact with 3D Studio DOS and how I became definetely addicted to 3D design with 3DS  Max 1.2.

Monkey Island Logo

Who does not remember Monkey Island?

Modem 1996

My old 28.8kbps modem looked just like that

Then it came internet and it was a revolution. Suddenly there was a huge world to be explored and discovered, a new form of connection with my friends and new ways to learn new things.

Connections were pretty awful in 1996, we connected to the net using a 28.8kbps modem with it’s noisy dial-up connection, but still it was a vast new place all to be explored.

This revolution also opened doors to a whole new world: console emulation.

I grew up with a NES, a Master System II and a Game Boy. But lots of other systems were suddenly unlocked and I started to live and understand better the evolution of such systems and how progressively they were improving along with computers.

Being able to play hundreds of Super Nintendo games was like gold for a child that was used to receive 2 or 3 games each year for at that time already obsolete systems.

Znes Emulator

ZNES Super Nintendo Emulator

Església Sant Boi 3D Studio

One of my 3D Studio models made for a videogame (Sant Boi)

Accross the years I’ve been exploring lots of ways to approach the digital technologies, from graphic design to all kinds of development: Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, even paint (I was into pixel art!), Android apps development, game development with Unity 3D, system administration… you name it!

That’s not all! Since I’m a very curious guy I came accross other hobbies too. I love to learn new languages, I actually speak even a little bit of japanese after studying for four years. I’m also learning to play the piano and the guitar, because why not! And I do love to do sport to try to keep my body young. I do even go to dance classes with my girlfriend.