Why is Devops imortant?

In this article I’m going to cover 6 reasons to explain why Devops is important.

Deliver new features fast

Using Devops methodologies you can achieve a continous delivery of your new features. This means that you don’t need to spend two or three weeks getting prepared for a huge complex deployment that could lead to issues with your platform.

Less deployment errors

If you automate the deployment of your applications then you are removing any human error from your process. This, mixed with continous delivery, allow you to deploy in a fast and safe manner all your new code.

Continuous platform testing

If you automate your application testing suite execution then you will be able to focus on what matters: develop your code. If any errors are pushed to git, you’ll be notified and the code will not get into production.

Automated rollbacks

Errors can happen for a lot of reasons, even if all your tests passed. Automating rollbacks will ensure that even if the code gets to production your application will recover fast from a bad deployment. This, mixed for example with blue/green deployments, will make you a lot more confident when it comes to deploy new features.

Easily deploy new environments

If you are using an infrastructure as code approach (IaC) then you will be able to deploy all your infrastructure and applications very quickly to any new environment or customer account. Using this approach will make the process of replicating environments extremely faster and safer.

Lower costs

Of course, all of the above implies very important reduction costs. Automating all this process will drastically reduce time spent debugging issues, rollbacking and operating your systems and applications Your IT team will be able to focus on what matters: developing your platform instead of patching it.


I talked about 6 reasons about why Devops is important. There are other reasons why you should be willing to incorporate the Devops philosophy into your IT team, but I hope that this article can help you understand a little bit better all the improvements that doing this can help you achieve on your bussiness IT processes.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need advice or help on any of this.

Xavi Miranda Sánchez

Xavi Miranda Sánchez

I live in Barcelona, former SysOps also interested in development. Mixing the best of both worlds got him into DevOps.


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